Front of the Casa del Labrador of Aranjuez


Cultural heritage restoration

Cultural heritage restoration

This is the main activity of the company. Restoration and conservation of heritage represent our identity, transmitted in our training courses as well as in our professional works.

We understand integral restoration as the restorative intervention applied to the group of the decorative elements forming a specific decoration, treating them as a whole. The operative criteria to restore are common to all parts: cleanliness standards, reintegration, finishing, etc.

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Preventive conservation of institutional buildings

Preventive conservation
Schema: Elevation of the interior of the Collegiate Church of the Palace of La Granja

Spain’s National Plan for Preventive Conservation points out that after every restorative action there must be a plan to conserve all that has been restored.

Our company offers since 1992 an integral preventive conservation service for institutional buildings, where great artistic collections coexist with the daily institutional activity. Spain’s House of Parliament, Linares Palace (seat of the Casa de América Foundation), the Bank of Spain and the Royal Palace in Madrid are buildings provided with an integral conservation service for their artistic collections.

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Consulting Service

Fine decoration - Detail of the ceiling of the stairway of the Palace of Aranjuez

Consulting in the field of Conservation and Restauration of Cultural and Artistic Heritage.
Throughout more than 20 years of specialized work, Taller de Restauración el Barco has developed many different projects of restauration and conservation of art pieces, training, high decoration and the realization of copies and facsimiles.

Our Company has cooperated with many private and public institutions, in Spain and abroad. Projects developed to the United States, Brazil, Angola, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Uruguay, etc. has allowed us to face any requirement with rigor, experience and accurateness. A multidisciplinary team formed along years of working and facing issues in the field of Preventive Conservation, Museography, and innovative technologies in Conservation and Restauration, make us able to cope with any request or issue of our clients.

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Fine interior decoration

Fine decoration - Detail of the ceiling of the stairway of the Palace of Aranjuez

We preserve the spirit and the know-how of the purest artistic tradition to carry out classic and modern decoration works precisely and proficiently.

We offer multidisciplinary teams in workshops for the following disciplines: fine woodwork, gilding and polychromy, structural woodwork, marble and lime stucco, artistic plasterwork, decorative painting, lock smithing, bronze, stone, marble.

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Creation of copies and facsimiles

Copies and facsimiles - Altar of the chapel of Maderuelo (Museo del Prado)

As part of our artistic activities we have also faced the challenge to make real-size replicas of the Porcelain Room of Aranjuez Royal Palace and the Marble Stucco Room of the Prince’s House in El Pardo. Both were part of the Exhibition “The Majestic of Spain”, inaugurated by the Monarchs of Spain (USA, 2000). We also made a real-size copy of the Romanesque Maderuelo Chapel, in El Prado Museum, for the exhibition “The Heart of Spain”, also in the U.S.A. in 2002.

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Artistic Crafts Training Centre

Métiers d'art - Roman marble bust
Mural painting course - Completion of a fresco

The Artistic Crafts Training Centre – homologated by Madrid’s regional employment services (homologation no 27.174) – is an initiative of El Barco®, a company long engaged with culture: over 25 years of restorative actions and projects, reproductions of works of art and decoration works.

We offer our expertise to all those who feel that their vocation is linked to the artistic crafts and they want to carry out this activity with specialized professional know-how inside an entrepreneurial organisation with a long professional history and always on-site.

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Internationalization of projects

Canvas Luis I

El Barco has always strived to offer their know-how and their expertise abroad. Already in 2000 and 2002 El Barco participated in works exposed at international exhibitions in the USA.

In 2010 we showed our work at the “Big Five Show” in Dubai, where we had the chance to make contacts from the Arab countries and to offer our services in fine decoration, facsimile reproduction and heritage restoration.

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Quick Solution Centre

Preventive conservation - Truck of the company El Barco for the transfer of works of art

The spanish National Plan for Preventive Conservation deals with different technical subjects we want to develop further by implementing practical actions that help avoid or reduce to a minimum the continuous degradation and losses in our artistic heritage. This is lately becoming more serious due to the current budget cuts in the spanish public administration.

Our first experience on preventive conservation dates back to 1992, when the Preventive Conservation Service for the artistic elements in Linares Palace (House of the Casa de América Foundation) was implemented. Up to date this service has guaranteed the extraordinary conservation status of its rich artistic heritage and has been a source of inspiration for other preventive conservation services in institutional buildings.

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Cultural heritage management

Heritage management - The Prince of El Pardo House

We wish to dedicate our expertise, acquired along many years managing cultural resources and restoring our heritage, to promote cultural actions in order to create sustainable wealth and specialized jobs.

Cultural industries are increasing their importance in our economy: they create wealth based on our rich cultural heritage. This is the reason why we are committed with our sector, to generate feasible and profitable projects in the long term.

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Logo of the company El Barco
Detail of a painting of the Palace of Linares (Madrid)
Truck transport of works of art of the company El Barco
Restoration of painting - Portraits of the Congress of Deputies (Madrid)
Restoration work on the ceiling of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez
Restoration work on the ceiling of the chapel of Aranjuez
The director of El Barco, Eduardo Benavente, with the Kings of España, Don Juan Carlos and Dª Sofía during a visit to the Majestic of Spain