Cultural heritage restoration

This is the main activity of the company. Restoration and conservation of heritage represent our identity, transmitted in our training courses as well as in our professional works.


Integral restoration of architectural groups

We understand integral restoration as the restorative intervention applied to the group of the decorative elements forming a specific decoration, treating them as a whole. The operative criteria to restore are common to all parts: cleanliness standards, reintegration, finishing, etc. The multidisciplinary team must act as an orchestra: each one performs his/her specialized duties to create a harmonious whole that gives an adequate impression.

Library of the monastery of El Escorial


Our restoration workshops cover following disciplines: wall painting, easel painting, decorative painting, sculpture, gilding and polychromy, artistic furniture, plasterwork and artistic plaster, marble stucco, lime stucco, textiles, graphic documents, marble and wooden structures.

Visores de imágenes:

Madonna and child (Sculpture in polychrome stone from the Monastery of Tordesillas)

Collegiate Church of the Royal Palace of la Granja de San Ildefonso
Restoration of gilding on wood frame
Mural painter Bayeu, in the Palace of Aranjuez
Restoration of gold
Angelfish - painting by Maella
Armillary Sphere of the Monastery of El Escorial