Preventive conservation for institutional buildings

Cleaning Hall of the throne of the Royal Palace of Madrid

Spain’s National Plan for Preventive Conservation points out that after every restorative action there must be a plan to conserve all that has been restored. Our company offers since 1992 an integral preventive conservation service for institutional buildings, where great artistic collections coexist with the daily institutional activity. Spain’s House of Parliament, Linares Palace (seat of the Casa de América Foundation), the Bank of Spain and the Royal Palace in Madrid are buildings provided with an integral conservation service for their artistic collections.


These duties are carried out by experts in restoration and conservation of works of art, as well as by master craftsmen like fine woodworkers, carpenters, locksmiths, experts in plasterwork, stucco, marble, etc.

Works of conservation in the Royal Palace of Madrid


The specific maintenance dynamics of these institutions have led us to offer an Immediate Response Service to different organizations in order to provide them with easy solutions against possible incidents in institutional buildings.


ARTICLE: Conservación preventiva de obras de arte en edificios históricos de uso institucional

(By Eduardo Benavente, Director of El Barco®, published in the magazine Hispania Nostra en 2012)
Hall of columns of the Royal Palace of Madrid
Conservation work on the façade of the Palacio de Linares (Madrid)