Consulting Service

Consulting in the field of Conservation and Restauration of Cultural and Artistic Heritage

Throughout more than 20 years of specialized work, Taller de Restauración el Barco has developed many different projects of restauration and conservation of art pieces, training, high decoration and the realization of copies and facsimiles.

Our Company has cooperated with many private and public institutions, in Spain and abroad. Projects developed to the United States, Brazil, Angola, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Uruguay, etc. has allowed us to face any requirement with rigor, experience and accurateness. A multidisciplinary team formed along years of working and facing issues in the field of Preventive Conservation, Museography, and innovative technologies in Conservation and Restauration, make us able to cope with any request or issue of our clients.

Among last consulting works, the most outstanding ones are:

    Buildings of the Embassy of the USA in Madrid

  •  Project of restoration of furniture considered Heritage assets, belonging to the United States Embassy in Madrid. Cataloging, stablishing a state of conservation and valuating the restauration treatment.

    Abu Dhabi mosque

  • Cooperation Project with Clece Group, to the tender of cleaning service of the Main Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

    Cathedral of Sobral. Ceará - Brazil

  • Project to the development of a Training Centre of heritage restauration and artistic workshops and the restauration of the Cathedral of Sobral, to the Prefecture of Sobral in the state of Ceará, Brazil.

    Chapel in Mbanza Kongo

  • Cooperation with the National Institute of Cultural Heritage in Angola, to its Candidature of the Historic City of Mbanza Kongo.

    Mihrab Al-Uwayna, from the 17th century - Omán

  • Valued project to the detachment and installation of a plaster Mihrab from the 17th century to the National Museum of Oman, in cooperation with Acciona Producciones y Diseño.

    Opening of the exhibition The Majestic of Spain (year 2000), in United States

  • Project to carry out two facsimiles from rooms belonging to Spaniard Palaces to the Exhibition “The Majestic of Spain” in the United States.


Within projects developed inside National territory it is important to highlight the cooperation in restoration projects of integral restauration of the “Noble rooms” for the Agriculture Ministry (Ministerio de Agricultura).

Palace of La Granja and Palacio Real of Madrid

Symbolic projects have been the ones developed to perform integral restorations of palaces belonging to Patrimonio Nacional (National Heritage), such as Palacio de Aranjuez, Palacio de la Granja de San Ildefonso, Palacio de El Pardo and the Casitas del Labrador and Casita del Príncipe of El Pardo. In all of these projects, a multidisciplinary team had tried to return to these palaces its original decorations, by means of a detailed study of historic data, constructive issues, qualities and decorative techniques.

Our consulting department is supported by 25 years of experience in interventions of great importance and the deep knowledge of decoration and restauration techniques.

Hall of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez

More than 300 projects and works successfully executed support our career based on rigor, the search of excellence and the profound commitment with our clients. We reckon that achieving success in any project is due to a rigorous study and a precise valuation of the intervention to be carried out.



Sample sizes and de labras of wood and gilded
Consulting service in heritage restoration and conservation workers
The Royal Palace of Aranjuez
Gaspar Becerra of paintings in the Palace of El Pardo