Heritage Management

Cultural Heritage Management

The director of El Barco, Eduardo Benavente, with the Kings of España, Don Juan Carlos and Dª Sofía

We wish to dedicate our expertise, acquired along many years managing cultural resources and restoring our heritage, to promote cultural actions in order to create sustainable wealth and specialized jobs.

Cultural industries are increasing their importance in our economy: they create wealth based on our rich cultural heritage. This is the reason why we are committed with our sector, to generate feasible and profitable projects in the long term.

We are responsible for promoting following projects:

  •  Permanent artistic exhibition of Spain’s cultures and regions. This is to support and foster inland tourism by raising the awareness of the value of our artistic heritage.
  • The creation of routes of interest in the Municipalities of the Sierra Noroeste (Northwest Sierra) area in Madrid is another ambitious project aiming to include cultural points of interest –museums, historical buildings, archeological sites, etc. - in each of these small villages in the mountains. We don’t really know about the rich history (and stories) of these small places. By creating a varied cultural pack, professionally developed, it will possible to generate an attractive place for tourism that can create stable work with a realistic effort to promote cultural and natural tourism.
  • Another interesting proposal is the creation of training centres for trainers on conservation and restoration of the architectural heritage in Latin American countries based on our long training experience. This proposal is born due to the needs these countries have to train their own specialized workers in restoration and conservation of their rich architectural heritage. In countries with such a rich artistic culture is where artistic crafts applied to restoration are most needed. At the moment, some cooperation agreements are being signed with different public Latin American institutions to this effect.
Facade of the Casa del Labrador of Aranjuez (Engraving)


Additionally, following our awareness raising on the conservation of our heritage, we have promoted a manifesto with measures to support artistic crafts. Besides, in cooperation with the Association for the Promotion of the Artistic Crafts (APFOA, in Spanish) there are several proposals aimed to achieve a more cultivated society that engages in that what they really wish and follows the direction it wants to follow. It is time to be aware of how worthy our heritage and our knowledge are.

Detail of the paintings to the fresh in the Tower de Gaspar Becerra and Chamber of the Congress of Deputies
Plataforma para el Fomento de los Oficios Artísticos