The director of the company El Barco, Eduardo Benavente, in the show Big Five Show in Dubai

El Barco has always strived to offer their know-how and their expertise abroad. Already in 2000 and 2002 El Barco participated in works exposed at international exhibitions in the USA.

In 2010 we showed our work at the “Big Five Show” in Dubai, where we had the chance to make contacts from the Arab countries and to offer our services in fine decoration, facsimile reproduction and heritage restoration.

In 2012 we joined the PIPE plan, an initiative from the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX) that led us to the implementation of a commercial strategy in our company to merchandise what we have and what we can do beyond our national boundaries.

Our entrepreneurial strategy is based on the firm will to transform “cultural industries” into generators of wealth and qualified workforce in those countries that need it.

In the Ceará region, in Brazil, there is an ongoing project to create a Training Centre for Artistic Crafts and Restoration of Heritage in the town of Sobral. This project aims to perform an integral restoration of the works of art in Sobral´s Cathedral and of other monuments. Our expertise, not only in restoration but in training, makes this educational project applied to a restoration project possible. We wish to set a practical model of intervention that promotes the generation of qualified workforce in accordance with the political will of the Federal Government of Brazil.

Agreements for international cooperation of the company El Barco

Stand of the company El Barco in the Big 5 Show Dubai fair
We are equally cooperating with the countries of the Persian Gulf area to perform copies and facsimiles from the Nasrid period, according to what we offered at the Dubai Fair.

Our cooperation with the ICEX is an initiative we thank to Mr. Fernando Salazar, who believed in the chances of the internationalization of “cultural industries”. I hope this initiative serves to encourage other companies who want to emphasize the value of wealth-generating projects.

El director de El Barco, Eduardo Benavente, con los Reyes de España Don Juan Carlos y Dª Sofía, en la exposición “The Majestic of Spain” en USA